iWolverine 2020 Issue/ # 1 Marvel Comics-Comics

iWolverine 2020 Issue/ # 1 Marvel Comics-Comics

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Marvel Comics iWolverine 2020 Issue/ # 1 paper back physical copy comic book.

Writer - Larry Hama 

artist - Roland Boschi

Colorist - Andres Mossa

Rated: T+

"Tony Stark's adopted brother Arno Stark, and his business partner, Sunset Bain, have seized control of Stark Unlimited and the Iron Man name. Their goal is to unite A.I.-but only under their control and stripped of free will.

While the Artificial Life Army clashes with Arno, elsewhere in the world, there are others who seek to capitalize on vulnerable A.I.s. But there's one robot doppelganger who's not willing to lie down without a fight-especially when there's revenge to be had. Murder is on its way to madripoor in the form of..."

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