Venom Issue/ # 25 Marvel Comics - Comics

Venom Issue/ # 25 Marvel Comics - Comics

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Marvel Comics Venom Issue/ # 25 paper back physical copy comic book.

Writer - Donny Cates

Penciler - Mark Bagley

Inker - Andy Ownens

Colorist -  Frank Martin

Rated: T+

"Following the events of Absolute Carnage, Eddie Brock realized that a powerful evil had become malignant within the psyche of Venom symbiot. Resolving to cure it. Eddie borrowed a quinjet from Captain America and set a course for a deserted island he and the symbiote had lived on for a time.

But it wasn't long befor the darkness within his symbiote made it presence and name known: Carnage, who brought Eddie's plan down in a violent crash.

After a narrow escape that cost him his left hand, Brock was seemingly rescued by the Avengers, who promptly nuked the island to eradicate the symbiote still on it.

Meanwhile, unaware of any of this, Eddie son, Dylan, has discovered a unique ability to track and control symbiotes, which he has used to track Eddie down--only to learn a terrible truth:

Eddie never left the island at all. Instead, he has been bonded against his will to the reborn Carnage symniote... and Dylan and Venom are the only one who can save him!"

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