Ultimate Comics X-Men Issue/ # 19 Marvel Comics - Comics

Ultimate Comics X-Men Issue/ # 19 Marvel Comics - Comics

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Marvel/ Ultimate Comics X-Men Issue/ # 19. Paper back physical copy comic book.

Writer - Brian Wood

Penciler - Paco Medina

Inker - Juan Vlasco

Colorist - Jesus Aburto

Cover Artist - Dave Johnson

Issued Date: January 2013

Rated: T+


With a crippled country undergoing reconstruction, the mutant population still struggles to find its place in society. President Captain America offered the community two options: a cure that erased the mutant gene and a plot of land for those who chose to keep their powers. Thousands took the cure. Now only twenty mutants remain. Twenty that will determine the fate of mutantkind forever.

And now former friends, Kitty Pryde and Nomi Blume, find themselves on opposite sides of and age-old argument. Can these rivals find a way to reconcile their differences or if there a new war on the horizon."

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