The Nevermen Issue/ # 3 Dark Horse Comics - Comics

The Nevermen Issue/ # 3 Dark Horse Comics - Comics

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Dark Horse Comics The Nevermen Issue/ # 3 Hello, Goodbye, Goodnight. Paper back physical copy comic book in (color).

Writer - Phil Amara

Artist - Guy Davis

Colorist - Dave Stewart

Issued Date: July 2000

Rated: T+

"The Nevermen are a fearsom foursome of crime-fighting vigilantes with mechanical wonders up their sleeves and missions to make the city safe for all. But one of their own has wandered into clutches of a mad scientist who would deliver the city to chaos. Adding to this, the League of Crows, a mysterious crime ring, has been plaguing the city with a curious mission of their own.

In this city questions get harder, the answers remain unclear, and the chaos clock is ticking away. The Nevermen must find the one behind it all or the clock will run out, faster than you can say..."

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