Spider-Woman Issue/ # 2 Marvel Comics - Comics

Spider-Woman Issue/ # 2 Marvel Comics - Comics

SKU : 200916D

Marvel Comics Spider-Woman Issue/ # 2 paper back physical copy comic book.

Writer - Karla Pacheco

Artist - Pere Perez

Colorisr - Frank D'Aramata

Rated: T+

"Lessica Drew loves being Spider-Woman. Unfortunately, it doesn't pay the bills. So when the the wealthy owner of a pharmaceutical company, Michael Marchand, want to hire Jess to protect his daughter, Rebecca, she accepted. During Jess's first day on the job, somthing felt...wrong, Jess fought through the pain __literally__ taking down two well-armed bands of would-be kidnappers! But the sickness turned out to be more than just some stomach bug when Jess vomited up acidic green goo! Someone call the night nurse!"

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