Judgment Day Issue/ # 8 Lightning Comics - Comics

Judgment Day Issue/ # 8 Lightning Comics - Comics

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Lightning Comics Judgment Day Issue/ # 8. Paper back physical copy comic book in (color).

Writer - Joseph A Zyskowski & Philip D. Zyskowski

Pencilers - Sam Payne, Terral Lawrence & John Watkins-chow

Colorists - Brian Rohrbeck & Mike Champion

Inkers - Frank Parr & Patricia Laskowski

Issued Date: April 1994

Rated: T+

"Judgment Day has fought many enemies with Salubrio at their side unlike the rest of Judgment Day, Salubrios role has been different than that of soldier. Her purpose was to heal her teammates in times of need. Thus contributing to the success of their missions.

Recently, events have caused some members of Judgment Day to believe that the Sawlubrio standing before them is someone other than who she claims to be."

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