Judgment Day Issue/ # 4 Lightning Comics - Comics

Judgment Day Issue/ # 4 Lightning Comics - Comics

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Lightning Comics Judgment Day Issue/ # 4. Paper back physical copy comic book in (color).

Writer - Joseph A Zyskowski

Pencilers - Eric Pence, Terral Lawrence, Julius Jackson & John Watkins-chow

Colorists - Brian Rohrbeck, Mike Champion & Greg Weed

Inkers - Frank Parr, Mark Lasota & Patricia Laskowski

Issued Date: December 1993

Rated: T+

"If any member of Judgment Day wondered about the reality of life after death, they certainly have their answers. Rift, A villain thought to be able to teleport in and out of battle, had more to his power than met the eye.

Rift's power was more directly linked to his ablility to access demon tunnels. After "rescuing" Judgment Day from overthrows crumbling castle, Rift exited the portal leaving Judgment Day stranded."

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