Generation X Issue/ # 44 Marvel Comics - Comics

Generation X Issue/ # 44 Marvel Comics - Comics

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Marvel Comics Generation X Vol - 1 Issue/ # 44. Paper back physical copy comic book in (color).

Writer - Larry Hama

Pinciler - Terry Dodson

Inker - Rachel Dodson

Colorist - Nic Musolivo

Issued Date: November 1998

Rated: T+


The spaceship carrying Bianca LeNiege and her "space dwarves" crashed into Gen X's Biosphere, interrupting a training session (and a pizza delivery).

While Banshee and the Generation X kids battled the dwarves, Emma -- without the use of her telepathic powers -- used whatever means necessary to take down her old rival, Bianca.

Emma's victory was followed by an unexpected telephone call from Theresa O'Rourke--also known as Siryn of the mutant team, X-Force, and Banshee's daughter. The call came as a surprise to Banshee, who hadn't spoken to Theresa in quit some time."

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