Deadpool Issue/ # 6 Marvel Comics - Comics

Deadpool Issue/ # 6 Marvel Comics - Comics

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Marvel Comics Deadpool Issue/# 6 paper back physical copy comic book.

Writer - Kelly Thompson

Artist - Kevin Libranda 

Colorist - Chris Sotomayor

Rated: Parental Advisory

"When momsters took over Staten Island thanks to a centuries-old legal claim. Deadpool was hired to slay the monster king.  Wade killed the king. which, according to monster law, made him the new king of the monsters.

Being king turned out to be a lot less fun than it seemed. Deadpool's reign began with numerous bureaucratic complaints, a hostile royal guard corps,The appearance of monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone and tense relations with the neighbors. But after saving his monster citizens from a killing spree by Kraven The Hunter, Deadpool gained the trust of his royal subjects and finally seems to be getting the hang of this king thing.

Meanwhile, the X-Men have been sitting pretty on the mutants-only island-nation of Krakoa. Portals to the island have been se  up a;; overs the world. With two in Manhattan. But one former borough remains noticeably unportaled..."

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