FF Issue/ # 15 Marvel Comics -Comics

FF Issue/ # 15 Marvel Comics -Comics

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Marvel WorldWide, Inc Comics - FF Issue/ # 15. Paper back physical copy comic book.

Writer - Jonathan Hickman

Artist - Nick Dragotta

Colorist - Chris Sotomayor

Cover Artist - Mike Choi & Guru e-FX

Issued Date: April 2012

Rated: T+

"Guided by a mysterious white Figure, Franklin Richards began to explore the baby universe that he had created with his reality-Altering powers. In order to return to their own dimension, the last four reeds of the Interdimensional Council conspired to bring about the War Of The Four Cities. Leaving Doctor Doom behind to forstall the mad Celestial, the kids of the Four Foundation, along with Doom's ward Kristoff and Nathaniel Richards, retreat back to earth through the bridge, moments later, the Celestial pass through the portal as well, intent on destroying our Reed Richards, and our universe around him!."

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